About us

About us

Nhu Lan’s Bakery located in Lincoln Square.  We presented to you the best “Banh mi” or simply mean “bread”. How do we make these “hard to find in Chicago?” said Steve Dolinsky of ABC7 NEWS team.

Everything is FRESH! TASTY! and DELICIOUS! We put our heart into making these breads and enjoy the smile in our customer’s face when they take a bite at our famous “Banh mi”.

We learn baking and a lot of things from France and we mix together with Vietnamese ingredients so we make it a very unique bread.

The homemade dough is proofed on site, then scored with a knife to give each loaf that trademark split down the middle. Each giant rack holds 450 small loaves and they are placed into giant custom ovens all at once, set onto a track across the top of the oven. Once inside, they bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, constantly spinning on the giant racks to aerate and bake each loaf evenly.

You can’t beat the mouth watering Nhu Lan’s sandwiches made with just out of the oven bread! 

Nhu Lan’S Bakery is a sensory experience – an experience of delicious Vietnamese sandwiches, warm freshly baked breads, melt-in-the-mouth confectionary, scrumptious rice cake, velvety Vietnamese coffees and other favourites.

Nhu Lan’S Bakery is bringing to you the best variety sandwiches. “It’s only take one bite to fall in love with Nhu Lan’S sandwiches.”

In addition to baked goods and confections, Nhu Lan’S Bakery will also offer a fine selection of coffee, tea and soft drink beverages. Variety of delicious desert, and don’t for get to the fresh fruits smoothies with avocados. Enjoy the delights of the Nhu Lan or if you’re in a hurry, pick up your favourites to go.

You can also place a order for your special someone or just to treat yourself on               (773)878-9898